10 minutes with Risdon and Risdon


We chatted to Carla from Risdon and Risdon; the Shrewsbury based designers who will be at the Enville Spring Fair on April 8th.

How did you become a designer-maker?

As a child I was always making things and I learnt to sew from my mother. Creating something different has always been more enjoyable than buying something off the shelf. I’m also very make-do-and-mend which helps give you extra skills and sometimes a fresh perspective.

Where do you seek inspiration?

Aprons have been an important part of working life for many years, the styles and fabrics used have always been extremely practical. We follow that inspiration and tradition, adding detailed design elements often with an industrial feel.

Are you working on any special new pieces or projects at the moment?

We have been commissioned to do some waxed aprons and have found some wonderful fabric that will go in the washing machine. Another thing is cork straps to offer as an alternative to our leather ones.

What’s your favourite piece from your archive?

The first bag we made, I still use it most days. We only made bags to give to some friends as thank you presents for helping us out being models. They all said how much they used them and so made more – that grew and a large order recently went out to Sweden.

Who is your favourite artist or designer in the area?

I like the work of Olivia Katie Gregory – a young photographer and printmaker. Her latest work of double exposed panoramic seascapes and landscapes are beautiful.

Olivia Kate Gregory

Come along to the Enville Spring Fair on April 8th to see Risdon and Risdon along with other local artists and designer-makers.

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