10 Minutes with Mark Whittle

We got talking to Shropshire artist Mark Whittle about where he draws inspiration and his favourite local artists.

Mark will exhibiting at our Spring Fair on April 8th, so come along to see his work in person – entry is free.

How did you become an artist?

Art has always featured in my life, even though there was a hiatus of some years. As a young man my father owned a small pottery, and his love of art was definitely passed down to me. Through occasional life classes and drawing at home I have developed a portfolio of work which I am very pleased to be exhibiting at the Enville Spring Fair.

Where do you seek inspiration?

The Shropshire countryside is a constant source of inspiration, most of all it is the abundance of wildlife which provides the basis for many pieces of my work.


Are you working on any special new pieces or projects at the moment?

I’m in the process of sculpting a sleeping hare. It’s part of a wider series of bronze figures which began with my ‘moongazing’ hare last year.

moon gazing hare


What’s your favourite piece from your archive?

Currently, my favourite piece is my pen and ink Moon Gazing Hare. I have always been enamoured with the pen and ink work of Aubrey Beardsley; his style has informed the basis of the work- even in the early days of my A level Art projects!

Who is your favourite artist or designer in the area?

David Stoves

My favourite local artist is David Stoves, a painter of landscapes and flowers. He grew up in Shropshire’s Corvedale but now lives in France. I admire his ability to capture the ephemeral magic of wildflowers and unspoilt landscapes.  

Come and see Mark Whittle’s work at the Enville Spring Fair on April 8th. Entry is free and he will be joined by a range of local artists. 

The fair will take place at the Enville Cricket Pavilion from 11-5. 

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